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Focused on high-end marketing planning and creative activity
Grounding gas,Zaozhuang

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And jun advisory strategic partner
Hand in hand with,Once and for all

The original strategy
Creativity is the lowest cost solution
Original can reveal your personalized competitive advantage more
Think you think
Close to the essence of marketing,Stick to the customer demand
Turn your vision into reality
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Company profile

Zaozhuang with planning is the earliest one to marketing planning and advertising for the main business service company。The company with a line such as group and king consulting team depth is established strategic cooperative relations,Strive to high-end business、Focus、Professional、Innovation。After several years of pragmatism,Zaozhuang now has developed into the most influential of the project company。

We aim to original strategy,In the service of the government、Real estate、A car、Science and technology、Tourism、Education、Manufacturing、Such as the agricultural industry customers,Won a good reputation。

Team management

We need what kind of his teammates:

Loyalty Professional dedication Actively Be responsible for Efficiency The results

Communication Cooperation And progress A low profile The cost Gratitude

The company culture
  • “With”Take righteousness in the Confucian classics“ZhengRen and”。With people also ZhengRen and in the spirit of philosophy,Do to extract the most sincere service for customers。
  • “Professional、Focus、Higher、Deeper”Is is tireless pursuit goal;
  • “Hand in hand with,Once and for all”Is a constant commitment is talking with people。
Focus on is planning

Address:The shandong zaozhuang area road of jiefang road and light
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Hand in hand with Once and for all
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